Kat Loterzo's Fat Burning Workout Program with Bonuses

NEW! Learn my EASY TO FOLLOW training program designed for women-on-the-go so you too can create the body you want FAST - in as little as 2 hours per week — without spending every day in the gym or wasting thousands on a personal trainer”

Get your copy of this time effective fitness plan with up to 12 months training programs, where you will learn over 45 of Kat’s personal fitness strategies you can follow whenever and wherever you want – often no equipment needed – so you can get into shape FAST!


Considering these days I charge $280 for a personal training session with me, and normally people need 3 sessions per week to get results, which works out at $43,000 per year I’m sure you can see the value of this training plan!

So here’s what’s included:

How to train effectively and safely whether you’re training at the gym, at home, or on the go
Goal setting, why to train, how often to train and the best time of day to train!
How to choose the right gym for you
Training at home must-haves
Workouts focus on burning fat and muscle lengthening and sculpting – targeting tums, thighs and bums!
Increased cardiovascular fitness, energy, and self-confidence is a natural side-effect of your Woman Incredible LGN Training Plan workouts.
All of your Woman Incredible LGN Training Plan workouts are fun and varied and designed for time effectiveness. The minimum weekly requirement is just 2 hours.
12 gym workouts to sculpt and burn
12 home workouts to sculpt and burn
3 video stretch sessions
Workout nutrition and supplementation advice so you get the most from your workouts for pre, during and post workout sessions!
Up to 12 months of training programs suitable for all levels
Learn how to progress or regress any workout and how to deal with injuries
FAST results guaranteed! Feel your body change in a matter of weeks
100% Self guided meaning you don’t have to rely on a trainer to interpret it!
Clear, easy to follow video demonstrations
How to get through a slump – tips on motivation to push you through the wall and come out the other side feeling great!
Email access to Kat with any questions you want! (No matter how stupid you think they are!)

BE WARNED! When you follow my “Woman Incredible Look Great Naked Training Plan” you can expect to be challenged like never before!

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