Secrets of Weight Loss Revealed

Unlock your fat loss potential

Learn your individual blocking factors for fat loss by completing 7 questionnaires about every aspect of your health. Chart your answers and learn where you need to start things off to lose fat and take control of your health.

Secrets of Lasting Weight Loss Revealed is a comprehensive 'choose your own adventure' approach to holistic weight loss. Have you ever noticed how most books and resources deliver advice without offering an individualized assessment or step-by-step approach? Makes it kinda hard to follow, doesn’t it? One of the things that has been drummed into me over the years is that everyone holds excess weight for a different reason. My clinical experience has proven the same thing and so I put this book together with that in mind. Before you read the book you’ll complete 7 simple multiple choice questionnaires to determine your weight and health profile. 1. Food and diet 2. Stress and energy 3. Patterns of behaviour 4. Motivation and self-belief 5. Sleep quality 6. Digestion, stomach upsets and bloating 7. Lifestyle and other factorsThe answers to those questionnaires will then dictate the order you read the book in for fastest results. They form the blueprint of your ideal weight loss journey, although you can definitely still read cover to cover if you choose.

Here are just a few tidbits of what you’ll learn - * Five ‘healthy’ foods that may be making you fat and unwell * 6 secretly healthy foods to get you ripped and feeling fantastic * A guide to balancing internal control and hormonal systems which can cause you to stay overweight regardless of what you eat or how much exercise you do * The lowdown on how and why your body stores fat and how to reverse it’s the fat-storing gene (did you know your body is actually programmed to make you fat? I’ll teach you how to change that) * A simple guide to correct (and doable) nutrition * The chance to email me with any follow-up questions or just for support. * A 60-day money back guarantee – if you don’t think the book was worth the spend I’ll happily refund you.

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